Regal 38I8 is a Fintech offering alternative financial services based on Green Finance – We offer services to both  private and corporate clients.

We help financial institutions adopt new technologies and transform into our alternative ethical way of operating.

We offer several solutions:

  •      OIII3 Virtual Bank : self-sustainable green financial eco-system using #GreenCoin #VIBRAIN 
  •      Regulatory and Compliance tool using artificial intelligence.
  •     New Payment solution “Cristal Card 369” which provides AML/KYC verification within one click.
  •     HG2 – New ethical trading platform linked using only #green commodities #influencers #Positivity
  •     http://www.flyup.today/ – Innovative Accelerator  combining family-work-social life together for emerging countries #NAM


Unique Expertise – Providing you with Mentorship tailored Training

With a wealth of experience, a sharp eye for detail and a critical mind, we will enhance your business. We are not your usual consultancy firm, when you sign up with us; we become partners for life and we will always be around to guide you and provide you with what you need to stay at the top (no hidden fees, no extra paperwork). We represent the future of Regulatory Compliance : where Artificial intelligence meets Emotional Intelligence.

Genius Growth – Grow your Business by empowering your staff.

Taking Entrepreneurs to the next level – We provide you with a unique vision on shared principles.

  • Looking to develop your business but not sure how?

  • Need help planning or executing your next project?

Let us guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.


After having worked for years in financial services, Hanifa Azri, our founder is changing the way banking has been wrongly done for decades. She partnered with Fabrizio Francone . Their common mission: Transform the Financial Services by creating an alternative virtual system linked to an international Regulatory body   for  Fintech. Fintech Corporation #together we can.

They have a unique expertise in all major European Regulations (MAR / MiFID 2 / PSD2 / GDPR…), Financial products and Crypto-currencies. Hanifa is part of the EBA Working group on Crypto-Currencies Regulations.

  • They Care about people; this is why they are the best at what they do.

  • They do things their own way; “a Company with a Heart”.

  • They give a fair percentage of all their proceeds to charities (happysimilarities.org) contributing to the welfare of our Planet’s Ecosystem.

  • Alchemists & Catalysts – They transform the broken financial system into an open (968) ethical model…..A single noble vision with infinite possibilities..

Regal 38I83 already partner with the best Green Financial Companies and works closely with Regulators worldwide.​
100% transparent, welcoming all talents from all horizons; promoting diversity and believe in a plural world made of singularities. Fluent in most languages, fast, reliable and always up to the next challenge….If you want to join the team please contact us @ talent@regal38i83.com


Hanifa Azri
Hanifa AzriFounder & CEO
Expert in Regulatory Compliance within financial services. Mentor and visionary, Innovative and Disruptive thinker. Hanifa is passionate about Art, and fully dedicated to protect our Planet eco-system. Hanifa is also the founder of IRIS3, a creative social media #sphereform & #Happysimilarities.org
Fabrizio Francone
Fabrizio FranconePartner - Chief Technical Officer
Fabrizio is an expert in new technology and disruptive thinking. He has worked for High Tech Group before joining us, specializing in mastering new market. He is passionate about art and fully dedicated to protect our Planet’s eco-system.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson Talent Finder
After a thriving career in many different businesses, ReGal-38I83 was pleased to welcome Steve to the team. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, He is building a strong team. Steve is passionate about Astronomy and Vegan Gastronomy.
Samira Mohammed
Samira Mohammed Head of Marketing
Samira has Fifteen years of achievements as corporate communications and strategic marketing professional of which Ten years within the banking industry and Five years across multiple industries.
Muhammad Usman Naeem
Muhammad Usman NaeemExecutive Head of PMO
Muhammad Usman Naeem has been actively involved in project management and academics. With a career spanning over two decades, he has successfully managed and delivered multi-million projects and programmes across the UK, South East Asia and the USA. He is well experienced at leading multi-disciplinary teams working on large scale projects across several different areas.

As a passionate Academic, Usman is involved in studies and research related to project management covering a wide array of topics including Virtual Team & Online Collaborative working, project governance & compliance, management of project change and risk. He has been actively providing coaching to undergraduate students on various subjects including computer science, project management, information management and data analysis, databases, and programming languages.

He enjoys coaching and mentoring corporate teams; formally (through internal coaching networks) and informally (through line management).

Exclusive developers for Regal 38i83.
Strong understanding of startup needs, wealth of experience and trustworthy.



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