Regal 38I83 is a UK based Green Fintech offering alternative financial services based on Green Blockchain.  Regal 38i83 ‘s team is expert in Green and Sustainable Economy and developing growth through Green changes.

We offer several solutions:

  •     OIII3 BANK : Self-Sustainable Green financial Ecosystem using Green Blockchain, and our Green Token “Vibrain”, unifying the United Kingdom (UK) and Emerging Countries (EC) for Green Economy

  •     Regal 11: Regulatory  & Compliance tool using artificial intelligence; linking Eastern and Western Regulations into One

  •     New Payment solution “Cristal Card 369” which provides AML/KYC verification within one click

  •     HG2 – New ethical trading platform using only Green Commodities and meeting International targets  on Climate changes

  •     FLYUP – Innovative Accelerator  combining Family-Work-Social life together for the collaboration of  the UK and the Emerging Countries (EC) talents.

    • ZEBRA SCHOOLING SYSTEM – Green Edtech – Virtual schooling system designed to enhance schooling rights of children worldwide 🙂



Strong Technical Guidance: We provide long term solution to fit the need of our clients; sound pragmatic and honest recommendation to meet mandatory compliance and business growth.

Unique subject matter experts: Our consultants have excellent expertise in all international Regulations and new Technologies, most of them are part of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) on Green Economy. They are all expert in Green & Sustainable finance, Green Blockchain and they are all dedicated to facilitate the transition to the Circular green economy as prescribed by the UN.

Transparent project management:  We have the best project management methods and have always exceeded our clients expectations. We provide a fair and transparent cost to our clients with a continuous follow-up.

Training : We provide tailored training to all members of staff as part of our projects implementation; training comprises all mandatory regulations with a special focus on green and sustainable finance, green blockchain, digitalisation and virtual currency.

Business Growth through Green Implementation

  • Looking to develop your business but not sure how?  We help companies to grow through the implementation of Green and Sustainable Guidelines.

  • Need help planning or executing your next project? We help companies implement their  green project internationally providing them with rapid growth and contributing to the well being of our eco-system.

Let us guide you through the Green Revolution. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions. This is what we can specialise in; turning businesses into Green successful companies compliant with green economy principles.


After having worked for years in financial services and legal services, Hanifa  our founder is providing people with a sustainable alternative way to bank. Together with Prof Christopher Boyejo, Fabrizio and the awesome #TeamRegal38i83 they have built the new financial system of tomorrow. This green Fintech initiative is the way forward for the new generation needs. They provide a strong response to overcome the climate changes challenges.

They have a unique expertise in all major International Regulations and the capacity to link them together into an accessible framework for all. They are all part of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) Working Group on Green & Sustainable Finance and Green Blockchain.

Our Edtech, Zebra School is headed by a team of expert in education, and technology and we are thrilled that the children of tomorrow will benefit from their tremendous ingenuity 🙂

  • They Care about people; this is why they are the best at what they do.

  • Unique business model; “a Green Fintech with a Heart”.

  • Unifying Emerging Countries (EC) into the strongest international powerhouse.

Regal 38I83 already partner with the best Green Companies and works closely with Regulators worldwide.​
100% transparent, welcoming all talents from all horizons; promoting diversity and believe in a plural world made of singularities. Fluent in most languages, fast, reliable and always up to the next challenge. If you want to join the team please contact us @ talent@regal38i83.com


Dubai 2020 – ReGal 38I83 awarded the ‘Excellence in Finance – Companies’ award  for their significant contribution towards the financial sector at FiNext Conference, Dubai on 26th -27th February 2020 held at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre.

This was the Fourth Edition of FiNext Awards & Conference, held on the 26th and 27th of February at Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre. This much-awaited conference of the year brought together and celebrated the excellence of companies and people in the Fintech sector.


Hanifa Azri
Hanifa AzriFounder, Chairman
Expert in Regulatory Compliance within financial services.
Before setting up Regal 38i83, Hanifa was acting as lawyer in International Sanctions Disputes. She worked in various compliance and Regulatory roles in International financial institutions. Mentor and visionary, innovative and disruptive thinker. Hanifa is passionate about Art, and Human Rights and actively contributing to the building of the Emerging Countries Union (ECU); leader in Green Finance.
Prof. Christopher Olufunsho Boyejo
Prof. Christopher Olufunsho Boyejo Vice-President
Prof. Christopher Olufunsho Boyejo is a consummate and proven leader offering over three decades of rich experience in Accounting, Operational Management, Team Leadership, Process Improvements, Human Resources Management, Group Dynamics, and International Diplomacy. Incisive experience in analyzing requirements of clients, giving independent and objective advice and recommendations on essential business strategies, such as operational structure, financial planning and marketing Leveraged skills in assisting in optimization of clients operations and processes ass per their company strategy. He is a Professor of Management Accounting, a chartered accountant, marketer, management expert, management consultant- a truly versatile professional in all ramifications
Fabrizio Francone
Fabrizio FranconeVice-Chairman
Fabrizio is an expert in new technology and disruptive thinking. He has worked for High Tech Group before joining us, specializing in mastering new market. He is passionate about art and fully dedicated to protect our Planet’s eco-system.
Sid Azri
Sid AzriHead of Marketing & Digital Content
Sid is an expert in storytelling and developing innovative marketing strategies. He has wealth of experience in the media industry . He is responsible for creating Regal 38i83’s international marketing strategy and lead our marketing team through his unique emotional intelligence skills. Sid is also a renowned illustrator who enjoys bringing images to life in a way which resonates with the world.



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